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Maria Helena Guimarães

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My research combines theory and practice to develop transformative solutions and uncover vital knowledge through transdisciplinary facilitation with a specific focus on sustainability at local and global scale.

What people are saying about my work:


Fisheries research cannot be done without the full collaboration of all stakeholders involved. Before Helena, this collaboration has always been difficult and, in most cases, punctual ... With her constant and active participation, we have been able to effectively and actively integrated the community in our different research projects, working on the basis of transparency, trust, and full cooperation. The results have exceeded our expectations at all levels. Thank you Helena! We couldn't have done it without you!


We organized a workshop to discuss future visions for a marine protected area in Portugal, with participants of diverse backgrounds. Helena masterfully steered the whole session, actively encouraging all participants to share their thoughts, views, and hopes about biodiversity and human activities in the area. Without Helena’s professional and smooth facilitation, we wouldn’t have been able to gain the rich insights that emerged from that workshop.


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Maria Helena Guimarães


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